Getting Media Exposure

Getting good media exposure is sometimes quite hard. You write media releases constantly and try to spread the word everywhere you go and yet you still can’t seem to get a journo interested in doing an article about you, your pet project, your company, whatever…

There is another way to go. Instead of trying to push your story to the media, find out what stories they are seeking.

Join a media list or media alert service – it’s often free to subscribe. You will receive regular emails with notices from journalists (or blog sites) detailing the stories they are seeking or the type of people they wish to interview.

One of my clients has just had success using this very method. I received an alert from Source Bottle which was perfect for Judi Young and immediately passed it on to her recommending she contact the journalist, Denise Carter, ASAP:

Have you lived the book/movie Eat Pray Love?
I’m doing a story based on the book/movie Eat Pray Love and looking for people who may have travelled to find their perfect match or even just themselves – it would be a bonus if you ate and prayed along the way.

Five days later Judi Young appeared in the story Inspirations from Eat Pray Love by Denise Carter in the Cairns Post. A fabulous success for her in the all important lead-up time to the publication of her book ‘The Girl in the Picture’ based on her own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey.

Judi Young (right) on her 'Eat, Pray, Love' journey

Judi Young (right) on her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey

Note: Source Bottle is a free service that emails ‘call outs’ for sources from journalists and bloggers.